Zep Stewardship Journey

In 2020, Zep made its first step toward standardized environmental, social and governance (ESG) initiatives and reporting, which included a materiality assessment to reveal five priority areas. While we are just getting started in formalizing our ESG practices, we have outlined clear goals and our strategies to achieve them. As we work toward our Vision 2025 goals, we will share updated statistics, achievements and success stories here. Thank you for joining us on our Zep Stewardship journey.

Earth Friendly Products

How Zep products are good for consumers AND good for the earth

Being good stewards and driving positive change is embedded in our values and part of our overall vision to help our customers. It’s our purpose to make the planet safer, cleaner and more productive.

Smaller Footprint

Zep Stewardship: Our path to a smaller footprint

For over 80 years, we’ve focused on developing safe, effective cleaning solutions with a minimal footprint. Looking ahead to the newest chemical recommendations and using a system of continual improvement has been a hallmark of our business.

Inclusive workplace

Fostering a healthy, safe, inclusive workplace

There is much we hope to accomplish together as we work toward our Vision 2025. Making our world safer, cleaner and more productive begins with Zep’s commitment to our employees, customers, communities and board.